9 Foods to avoid if you are trying to get a flat Stomach

Everyone wants to get a flat stomach, but it is very difficult to lose belly fat. So, how to get it? If you follow a strict diet and exercise and do not change anything in your waistline, you should avoid consuming some foods.

We at FeedNES created a list of 9 foods to avoid trying to get a flat stomach.

9. Soft drinks

Soft drinks can be very difficult to give up, but if you want to get a flat stomach, you should avoid drinking soda, and even soft carbonated drinks slow down the metabolism because your body stores fats and the bottle can contain 150 calories.

You also consume a large amount of carbon dioxide. Which restores the process of re-glazing to drinks and gives a feeling of bloating. And if you drink fruit juices instead, they are good for health.

Most fruit juices from supermarkets do not contain nutritional value or vitamins. It is full of sugar and corn syrup, and if you have to replace it in this case. It is better to choose water or melted ice cubes, but without sugar. This way, it will prevent your body from absorbing hundreds of extra calories it does not need.


8. Chewing-gum

When you chew Chewing-gum, your stomach receives signals that it must prepare for the next meal, increasing the production of gastric juices to give you a feeling of hunger. Researchers have discovered that Chewing-gum does not make you want to eat any food, but sweet foods.

The chemical released by the gum makes healthy fruits and vegetables taste bad. Like eating orange juice after brushing your teeth. So, to get a flat stomach avoid chew Chewing-gum.

7. Foods that contain high sodium

If you think sugar is the biggest cause of stomach fat, you are wrong. In addition to sugar, there is the salt that must be taken in small quantities, particularly if it suffers from high blood pressure.

Foods that contain sodium are not only harmful to health. They also cause fluid in your body to cause bloating. Most people consume around 3,400 mg of sodium a day, twice the rate recommended by the American Heart Association. So, you must take care when spraying salt on food if you want to get a flat stomach.


6. Fast food

We all know that fast food has a lot of calories and causes a lot of health problems. So you should avoid eating fast food because it is a mixture of fats.

Fast foods contain sugar and chemical additives that cause bloating and discomfort because it takes some time to get out of the stomach, and sugar goes directly into the intestine, while chemicals and sweeteners that give good taste to fast food negatively affect the good bacteria in your stomach causing obesity. If you are looking for a snack, it is better to have a slice of vegetables or fruits instead.

5. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise sauce contains at least 80% fat. It is mainly greasy, and one tablespoon of this sauce contains about 100 calories.

If you add two tablespoons of mayonnaise to a sandwich, then the amount of calories doubles. The best option is to substitute mayonnaise with vegetable puree or hummus.


4. Fried food

You should avoid eating fries if you try to get a flat stomach. Fried food with oil also works like a sponge that absorbs saturated fat. These types of fats are dangerous because they may affect brain function.

This prevents you from thinking clearly about the weight you are gaining. Moreover, your body takes a long time to digest fried food due to its high-fat content.

3. Ice cream

Everyone likes to eat ice cream, but these sugary foods are harmful to health because they turn to belly fat. The American Journal of Nutrition published an article comparing the craving for ice cream and drug addiction.

More you eat, you get more calories. If you can’t imagine your life without frozen desserts. Try making ice cream at home with a few calories, by freezing a small banana and mixing it to form a paste. It contains less than 100 calories. And it’s good for your body.


2. Foods that produce gases

Even the thinnest people can have a prominent abdomen, due to the consumption of foods that produce gases and irritation of the colon, which is a problem. To avoid this type of food and follow a good routine and do exercises to speed up digestion. And dairy products, even if they are an excellent source of calcium and protein, they cause digestion problems in 65% of people, because they cannot tolerate lactose, and cause bloating, cramping, diarrhea and gas.

Skimmed milk can be a good alternative to regular milk. The second food is somewhat unexpected and can cause gas is apples, and it contains vitamin C, but also contains a lot of fibers that combine with fructose in apples and intestinal wines, and cause all kinds of problems. Cooked apples can be a good solution if you want to avoid bloating. In addition, there are other foods that produce gases such as lentils, beans, and artichoke, which are rich in fiber and cause bloating.

1. Sugar-free foods

Foods that contain sugar substitutes are effective only for people with diabetes. But these sugar-free products also contribute to the prominent size of your belly. There must be something inside Compensate for the lack of sugar and fat.

Sweeteners may not contain calories. But they will make you want to eat more food. And this will cause excessive weight gain. And this is not related to soda only. But most light products. So choose healthy natural products and do not believe in slogans (zero calories! lose weight while eating) in advertisements.

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